What is Confirmation

Confirmation is a service for those who have already been baptised, as they reaffirm the promises made at their baptism and are confirmed through the laying on of hands by a bishop. It is usually held for teenagers or adults, and occurs at a time when our local bishop is available to attend. In this service, the person declares again their allegiance to Christ and their rejection of all that is evil.

If you would like to explore confirmation for either your teenager or yourself, we would love to make a stronger connection with you and your family, and are delighted that you would like to reaffirm your connection with Jesus.

Find out more by coming to church at 9:30am on a Sunday to meet our community, as well as one of our ministers.

What does Confirmation Involve?

At Sans Souci Anglican Church, we conduct confirmations for those who are committed members of the church. The reason is simply that the kind of promises made in a confirmation service are the kinds of promises that are very hard for people to keep if they are not committed Christians. These promises are not aspirational, but are a solemn promise made before God that the person intends to keep. Our community exists to help us all keep these promises we make.

If you are fourteen or over and would like to be confirmed, what we ask is that you start coming along to IMPACT youth group (if you are still at school) or church, and get to know us and our members. Every couple of months we run a course called A Fresh Look at Jesus, and we will ask you to attend all five sessions of that. But after the course, if you are convinced that this is what you believe, one of our ministers would be delighted to meet up with you to plan and prepare for the confirmation service.